Refugees and others in the UK for protection - Refugee leave and other protection

Last reviewed 14 June 2023

Refugee leave and other protection

In most cases you will be able to claim benefits if you have refugee leave or other leave to be in the UK because the UK government has accepted it is not safe for you to be in the country where you used to live. Other rules may also apply to mean that you can get benefits sooner or in circumstances where you would not otherwise be able to be paid particular benefits.

If you have applied for asylum, but you have not yet had a final decision on your application, or the final decision was to refuse you all leave, this guide does not cover your situation - instead see our guide for Asylum Seekers.

If you do not know whether you have been granted leave to be in the UK, or you are not sure what leave you have, you need to get immigration advice before you claim any benefits, and before you are included in anyone else’s claim.  


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