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Link to the Turn2us Benefits CalculatorA number of benefit changes are set to take place mainly from April 2016, although some of the measures may be subject to change or approval.

Next month, we will have a detailed breakdown of all the changes and who they will affect. 

This month, we have listed  the main changes planned and further information is available on these measures on our Benefit Changes Timetable page

Benefit changes from April 2016

  • Benefit and tax credit rates frozen for four years (does not apply to pensioner, carer and disability benefits)

  • Benefit cap lowered (postponed to Autumn 2016)

  • Tax Credits in year increase in income disregard cut from £5,000 to £2,500

  • Universal Credit Work Allowances removed for non-disabled claimants without children and reduced for claimants who have childcare responsibilities and/or a disability

  • Housing Benefit family premium abolished for new claims and new births from 1st May 2016

  • Housing Benefit backdating period reduced from six months to one month

  • Reducing length of time for claiming Housing Benefit during absence abroad

  • Mortgage Interest Help waiting period extended

  • New National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour for over 25 introduced

  • New State Pension introduced for people reaching pension age from 6 April. Entitlement to new pension will not allow claims for Savings Credit of Pension Credit.

We will continue to provide the latest updates on the planned changes and our Benefits Calculator will reflect the finalised developments from April 2016. 

You can use the Benefits Calculator to check your current entitlements and our Grant Search to find out if you can access help from charitable funds. 

Even if you have checked your benefits in the past, it is worth checking again, especially if you have recently experienced a change in your circumstances.