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David’s story

  • 12/02/2019

This article is over a year old

Just one unexpected bill pushed David and his family into poverty

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David lives with his wife and three children. David suffers from diabetes and was not currently working at this point in his life. However, his wife was.

Despite this income, the cost of raising their children was expensive and money was always tight. David said they “were running from one month to the next really… we never had any spare”.

Yet, David and his family always made sure that they kept up with paying their bills on time.

Following a visit to read his meter, David was shocked find his gas and electricity account in arrears of £800 as their payments had only been based on estimated use. As a result, he was hit by an unexpectedly high bill.

With the family's budget already at its limit, the future became uncertain. David knew that there was no way that he could stretch their income to pay the bill and the interest on the outstanding bill started to mount up.

David went online to look for advice about what to do and came across Turn2us.

David’s family was awarded financial assistance from Turn2us which allowed them to fully cover their current gas bill and part of the electricity arrears.

Being able to repay the bulk of the arrears helped ease the “mental burden” and stress.

Now looking to the future, David is feeling well enough to return to the workplace and after starting the search for a job has already been invited to an interview.

If you want to help families, like David’s, please consider donating to Turn2us. If everyone reading this donated just £1, we could help another 100 families stay warm this winter.

Please donate £1 now to Turn2us

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