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Funeral Payment - How much Funeral Payment will I get?

If you need help to pay for a funeral, you may be eligible for help through a Funeral Payment. How much you get depends on your circumstances.

How much Funeral Payment will I get?

There is no fixed sum for a Funeral Payment.

A Funeral Payment can cover:

  • Necessary burial or cremation fees

  • The cost of documents needed for the release of the money, savings and property of the person who has died

  • Part of the cost of moving the body to a place of rest (if in the UK and over 50 miles)

  • Part of the cost of transporting the coffin and bearers to the funeral (if in the UK and over 50 miles)

  • The cost of one return journey for you to arrange or attend the funeral

  • Up to £1000 for other costs related to the funeral, such as the funeral director's fees, the coffin, cars or flowers.

If the person who died had a prepaid funeral plan, you will not get any help towards costs already covered by the plan. You may still get help with necessary costs not covered or only partly covered by the plan and up to £120 towards other costs related to the funeral.

If the Funeral Payment does not cover the full necessary costs of the funeral, you may be able to apply for a Budgeting Loan as well.

A Funeral Payment does not usually have to be repaid. However, if the person who died left assets and/or money in their estate, this might have to be used to pay back the Funeral Payment. A home lived in by the partner of the person who has died is not counted nor are personal possessions left to relatives.

How will I be paid a Funeral Payment?

Funeral Payment is paid into your bank, building society or post office account if you’ve already paid for the funeral. However, it will be paid directly to the organiser of the funeral (for example, the funeral director) if you haven’t paid yet.

Funeral Payment and other benefits

A Funeral Payment does not count as capital so will not affect other means-tested benefits that you get.

Updated: April 2020

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