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Part time students and benefits - Further Information

Find out more about the definition of a part-time student for benefit purposes and whether you can claim any benefits or tax credits

Further Information

Students and benefits is a complex area. Advice should always be sought from an experienced specialist adviser or student service.

You can seek advice in your local area by using our Find an Adviser tool and you can also obtain assistance from the organisations listed below.

Student Advice Services/Welfare Office at Colleges/Universities

Most universities and colleges will have a student advice/welfare service.  The university offices normally provide advice on a range of issues including housing, benefits and student financial support.  Students may also be able to access 'Hardship Payments' through student support offices. Services offered by colleges maybe more limited.

Disabled Students Helpline

Disability Rights UK run a free specialist helpline to advise and support disabled people aged over 16 in England, who are studying or wish to study full time or part time. 

Tel: 0330 995 0414 (Tues and Thurs 11.00 – 13.00) Email: 

General information is also provided to disabled students in Scotland and Wales.

Lead Scotland provide a helpline for disabled students in Scotland.

Tel: 0800 999 2568

Gov.UK website - Student Finance

Detailed information on financial support for students can be accessed from the Student Finance Section of the Gov.UK website

National Union of Students (NUS)

Comprehensive range of student information provided including an advice section on website. Visit the National Union of Students website for more details. 

National Apprenticeship Helpline

The helpline provides guidance on accessing apprenticeships and related issues. You can obtain further information from the Apprenticeships section of the Gov.UK website

Tel: 0800 015 0400 


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