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Dance Professionals Fund

Providing help to present and former dance professionals in need

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We give assistance to present and former dance professionals in need including: dancers, dance teachers, choreographers, choreologists and dance notators.  Be it illness, injury, financial or personal difficulties, the Dance Professionals Fund (DPF) is there to help.

The DPF can be a listening ear, give advice and will make home visits if need be. This is to ensure that dance professionals are in the best possible position and have practical assistance when going through difficult times. We can also provide a line of contact between the individual and the world of dance.

Dance Professionals Fund grants

The grants we provide are a flexible support system that can be a one-off amount or broken up into instalments depending on the need of the individual. Our primary aim is to reach as many dance professionals in need as possible and provide them with practical assistance when they need it most. We make decisions on injury grants and auxiliary retraining bursaries on a quarterly basis, but for people with an immediate need we can give immediate relief. Our grants are specifically for dance professionals who have worked in the UK dance industry for a minimum of five years and include:

  • Financial grants to assist with cost of living

  • Financial grants following injury

  • Subsistence bursaries (to supplement training costs)

  • Grants for other costs (e.g. professional counselling)

  • Grants for those living overseas

The help has been tantamount in enabling me to run my little car. I live in the country and would be almost housebound without it - Sue

Our Services

As well as providing financial assistance, we believe in giving individuals benevolent support and work diligently to ensure all our applicants are offered the guidance they need.

We also offer other services, including:

  • Supported scheme for work/money management

  • One to one telephone advice (e.g. benefits entitlement)

  • Debt (referral to third parties)

  • Home Visits for elderly/housebound

  • Outings (for older applicants).

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