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Turn2us Connect

Turn2us Connect is a new service designed to help you claim the benefits you are entitled to.

Turn2us Connect is a SMS based information service to support you in claiming welfare benefits. If you are trying to claim a certain benefit, but are struggling with the application, we can connect you to a volunteer who will guide you through the process. All communications will be done by text on your phone.

Turn2us Connect

How can this service help me?

If you know you are entitled to a benefit but are confused or overwhelmed about how to apply for it, this service may be able to support you.

We can connect you to a trained volunteer who can offer you practical and emotional support and try to answer any questions you may have about the process of applying for benefits.

You can send your questions or issues over SMS text on your phone and our volunteer will reply to you within 24 hours. Standard text message rates will apply for text messages you send to your Digital Buddy.

Will I need computer or internet access?

No. Your Digital Buddy will be able to provide you support whether or not you have online access.

Is there a cost to using this service?

Each text message you send to your Digital Buddy will cost you your standard network message charge (based on your service provider rates).

There will not be any charge for receiving messages from your Buddy.

Why have you made this service?

Our Benefits Calculator helps people identify what welfare benefits they are entitled to. However, we know many people don’t go on to complete the claims because it is a very complex process, there isn’t much help out there and it can be overwhelming.

We have designed the Turn2us Connect service to provide a solution to this problem. The project is funded by the Comic Relief 'Tech for Good' grant.

When will a Volunteer Digital Buddy contact me?

Once you have signed up to this service through the Turn2us Helpline, you will be added to a waiting list.

You will receive a text message as soon as you have been matched to a volunteer Digital Buddy.

You can expect to be contacted within one week of signing up.

What hours are the volunteers available?

This is a flexible role and it depends on the volunteer's availability.

The Digital Buddy will let the Connection know their availability but they aim to respond within 24 hours.

What personal data do I need to give you?

To sign-up to this service, we only need to know your name and your phone number.

You will have the choice to share the data from your Turn2us Benefit Calculation with your volunteer to help them help you. If they can see the results from your benefit calculation, they may be better placed to assist you.

To find out more about how we will store your data, you can read our Privacy Policy.

If I have any concerns or questions, who can I speak to?

If you have any concerns or questions about Turn2us Connect or your experiences with this project, you can contact us on:

We take safeguarding very seriously at Turn2us. To find out more about our approach to keeping children and adults safe, read our Safeguarding Policy.

If I sign up to this service, will my benefits application be successful?

We cannot make any guarantees as we are not connected to the Government in any way.

Our volunteers will provide information and support to give you the confidence to get through the benefits application process. However they cannot give you advice and they are not legal or welfare specialists.

We aim to help you make the most successful application possible but we are unable to fill in the forms for you. If you need more specialist support, then we will signpost you to sources of possible help.

Can I talk to my Digital Buddy over the phone?

No. This is a SMS-only service at the moment.

How can I sign up to this service?

Complete the signup form here to register for Turn2us Connect and be connected to a Digital Buddy who can support you through the Universal Credit claim process. 


Turn2us Connect

Complete the signup form to register for Turn2us Connect and be connected to a Digital Buddy

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