Energy bills to fall for millions of people


Millions of households will see their energy bills fall in April after the energy regulator, Ofgem, lowered the default and prepayment meter energy price caps. Both caps will fall by £17 for the April-September period this year.

What is an energy price cap?

Energy price caps limit the price a supplier can charge you per kWH of electricity and gas - the unit measure from which your energy bill is worked out. The aim is to make sure that customers on poor value default or standard variable tariffs pay a fairer price for their energy and are not overcharged.

A household's overall energy bill will still rise and fall according to how much energy it uses.

Suppliers must cut their prices to the price cap level or below that Ofgem sets.

Is my energy capped?

Your energy will capped if you:

  • Use a prepayment meter (around four million households)

  • Are on a 'standard variable' energy tariff or a tariff you haven't chosen (around 11 million households).

If you are on a fixed-term energy tariff that you have chosen, your prices will not be protected by the caps.  However, this type of tariff is more likely to be good value.

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