Grants news: TIKO Foundation 2017


TIKO Foundation is an educational grant giving charity funding young asylum seekers or young people with limited leave to remain, living in the UK, who are not entitled to Student Finance and cannot otherwise afford the costs of higher education at prestigious UK universities. It supports these young people to become leaders in their academic fields.

Why educational grants for young asylum seekers/young people with limited leave to remain?

Without access to higher education, young asylum seekers and young people with limited leave to remain often feel unable to move on with their lives due to the fact that they do not have the opportunity to achieve their full potential both in higher education and future employment. They feel disenchanted in life as a result.

TIKO Foundation believes education can open doors for these young people. It can create leaders of the future and inspire new generations. One of the ways their grants can do this is by breaking the cycle of poverty, allowing young people to enter the job market, become financially independent and give back to society.

The charity’s work with young asylum seekers and young people with limited leave to remain is supported by ongoing research into their educational needs This involves regularly consulting multiple partners with an interest in the field and the young people themselves to identify needs and to find ways to meet these needs.

TIKO Foundation Grants

A TIKO Foundation grant provides funding towards:

  • Higher education tuition fees for a first degree that the applicant has not already started

  • Accommodation costs

Trustees expect that a grant will bring about expected outcomes (changes/benefits/learning) and impact (the broader or longer term effects of expected outcomes). An applicant will need to demonstrate what outcomes and impact he or she expects to achieve throughout the application process and commit to achieving these outcomes and impact throughout the duration of their grant.

TIKO Foundation endeavours to provide mentoring which will help a successful applicant achieve his or her expected outcomes and impact. This is agreed when an applicant is successful in receiving a grant. Where the charity can't provide this in house, it offers opportunities for referral or self-referral to a number of partner agencies.

On receiving a grant, an applicant will need to commit to certain conditions. These include:

•    Earning an average 2:1 in any given year of study
•    Monitoring and evaluation progress
•    Being an ambassador for TIKO Foundation.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a TIKO Foundation grant, an applicant needs to be:

  • Resident in the UK

  • An asylum seeker or have limited leave and not be entitled to Student Finance

  • Wanting to study at college or university for the first time

  • In receipt of an offer from at least one high ranking university

  • From a low income background

  • Academically talented

  • Able to demonstrate leadership qualities

  • Able to demonstrate an intention to improve his or her life through higher education

  • Able to demonstrate an intention to be of service to the community following higher education.


Unfortunately TIKO Foundation is unable to support:

  • Young people who have exhausted their immigration appeals and are unlikely to remain in the UK to complete their education.

  • Funding for a postgraduate degree (i.e. MA or PhD), employment training programmes, internships or a first degree already started

  • Any other expenses other than course fees and accommodation

  • Funding for fees already incurred throughout a degree

  • Funding towards anyone who does not meet ALL TIKO Foundation’s eligibility criteria.

How to apply?

If you meet all of the qualifying rules (eligibility criteria) for applying for a TIKO Foundation grant, please apply through the TIKO Foundation website before the advertised deadline – this year it is 30 June 2017.

You will have to complete an TIKO Foundation Application Form and Financial Eligibility Checker.

If, for any reason, you are unable to apply through the website, please talk to the TIKO Foundation Grant Manager who will be able to make alternative arrangements for you.

Eligibility will initially be checked through an application form and supporting documents in the initial stages of the process and furthermore through in person interviews should one be shortlisted for a grant.

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