Universal Credit inquiry relaunched


Following compelling evidence of the problems in the rollout of Universal Credit in its recent follow ups, the Work and Pensions Commons Select Committee has re-launched its inquiry into Universal Credit and is now accepting written submissions.
These should address one or more of the following points:

  • How long are people waiting for their Universal Credit claim to be processed, and what impact is this having on them?

  • How are claimants managing with being paid Universal Credit monthly in arrears?

  • Has Universal Credit improved the accuracy of payments?

  • Have claimants reported making a new claim for Universal Credit, and then found that the system has not registered their claim correctly?

  • What impact is Universal Credit having on rent arrears, what effect is this having on landlords and claimants, and how could the situation be improved?

  • Would certain groups benefit from greater payment process flexibility and, if so, what might the Government do to facilitate it?

  • Does Universal Credit provide people in emergency temporary accommodation with the support they need, and how could this be improved?

  • What impact is Universal Credit having on the income and costs of local authorities, housing associations, charities and other local organisations?

  • How well is Universal Support working, and how could it been improved?

  • What impact has the introduction of full Universal Credit service had in areas where it has replaced the live service?

Work and Pensions Select Committee Chair's comments

Rt Hon Frank Field MP, Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, said:

"Huge delays in people receiving payments from Universal Credit (UC) have resulted in claimants falling into debt and rent arrears, caused health problems and led to many having to rely on food banks. It is bad enough that UC has a built-in six-week wait between someone applying and them receiving their first payment, but we have heard that many have to wait much longer than this.

"The adverse impact on claimants, local authorities, landlords and charities is entirely disproportionate to the small numbers currently claiming UC, yet Lord Freud has told us he thinks it will take decades to optimise the system. We have therefore felt compelled to investigate UC yet again. We will examine what its impact is on claimants and those local bodies which deal with them, and what Government needs to do to ease the pressure on those worst affected."

Submit evidence to the Universal Credit inquiry

Deadline for written submissions is Monday 20 March 2017.

Submit your views through the Universal Credit inquiry page

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Source: Parliament UK article: Universal Credit inquiry relaunched