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We recognise that not everyone experiencing poverty has or wants access to wider support, but as it is our vision to work in partnership with other organisations to help end poverty in Edinburgh, we believe in the importance of working collectively to help improve and uplift peoples’ situations, and so this is where we focus our support.  

For the initial ten years of its operation, the Edinburgh Trust held all decision-making powers when assessing and awarding grants and worked transactionally with other organisations to deliver these grants. In the coming years we are seeking to shift power closer to the communities for whom we exist, and to do so, build greater trust-based partnerships with organisations across Edinburgh who share our approach.

We believe that by working in this way, we ensure greater dignity and feelings of support and safety to applicants in the processes of applying to us for financial support.  

Building our referral partnerships will be a collaborative process that involves establishing key contact links between our organisations so that we can keep in routine contact to discuss any areas of mutually agreed interest, concern, feedback, or any other topics we agree would be beneficial to our partnership.   

We will also be able to share our own wider insights with you, provide statistics relating to our grant making, and in particular to the grant making we deliver specifically within your organisation.   

How this works in practice, recognising the unique circumstances for each partner organisation, is one of many things we will seek to collaborate with organisations on so that timing and methodology works for everyone.  

How to make an application 

Click on the button below to open the Edinburgh Trust application form.  

Once you have filled in the form you will need to upload two documents to complete and submit the application:  

  • Photo of applicant ID (ideally bank card showing details for payment)  

  • Applicant declaration form  

As we do not ask for any additional supporting documentation, we should be able to reach a decision on the grant application within 5 working days.  However, if there are incomplete questions on the form or we need some further information to make an informed decision on the grant application, we will be in touch, and this may create some delay.  

If your organisation is a verified Edinburgh Trust Referral Partner, you can access the Edinburgh Trust Application form (note: you will need to log in to your Myturn2us account to view the form).

Please note that only registered organisations can make applications to the Edinburgh Trust. We are currently not accepting any new referral partners so if your organisation isn’t registered you will not be able to apply.


Referral Partners directory

View a comprehensive list of Edinburgh Trust Referral Partners, including their contact details.

Referral Partners directory