Asylum Seekers - Who is an asylum seeker in the UK?

There are special rules about benefits for asylum seekers.

Last reviewed 19 June 2023

Who is an asylum seeker in the UK?

You are an asylum seeker in the UK if you have left your country of origin, and applied to the Home Office to stay in the UK as a refugee, and you have not yet had a final decision on your application. 

Immigration advice

As this is a very complex area of the law, if you have claimed asylum and you do not have an immigration adviser you should find a specialist immigration adviser to help you. If you have little or no money, you could be entitled to free legal advice (called legal aid) to help with your asylum claim. Further information and advice lists some organisations that assist asylum seekers and refugees and may help you to find an immigration adviser. 

If you do not know whether you have claimed asylum, or you do not know if you have had a final decision on your application, or you are not sure what, if any, leave you have, you need to get immigration advice before you claim any benefits or asylum support, and before you are included in anyone else’s claim. 


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