Council Tax Discounts - Students


Full time students do not have to pay Council Tax.

For Council Tax discounts, full time students are people on a course that:

  • Lasts at least one year, and

  • Means you are supposed to spend at least 21 hours per week studying

Or people who are under 20 and on a course that:

  • Leads to a qualification up to A Level, and

  • Lasts at least three months, and

  • Means you are supposed to spend at least 12 hours per week studying.

The definition of full time students for Council Tax is different to the definition for benefits. See our guide on Full time students and benefits for the definition of full time student for other benefits.

If there are only students living in the property, you will not have to pay any Council Tax. If there are students and non-students living in the property, you will have to pay some Council Tax but the students will not be counted. 

You should tell your local authority if anyone living in the property is a full-time student.

Your income and savings won’t affect whether you can get this discount.


Faye lives with her adult son Tom, who is studying at University on a full-time course. Because Tom isn’t counted for Council Tax, Faye is entitled to a 25% single person discount.

Reviewed: June 2022


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