Guardian's Allowance - How much Guardian's Allowance will I get?

If you look after a child who is not your own you may be entitled to Guardian's Allowance.

Last reviewed 08 April 2024

How much Guardian's Allowance will I get?

Guardian’s Allowance is paid at the rate of £21.75 each week for each child.

Benefit Cap

If you or partner receive Guardian's Allowance, you are exempt from the Benefit Cap. See our Benefit Cap guide for more details.

How will I be paid Guardian’s Allowance?

Guardian’s Allowance will be paid directly into your bank, building society or Post Office account or through the Payment Exception Service if you are unable to open or manage one of these or a similar account.

Guardian’s Allowance is usually paid every four weeks but it can be paid weekly. It can be paid weekly if you’re a single parent or getting certain other benefits, for example Income Support.

Guardian’s Allowance and other benefits

Guardian’s Allowance is ignored as income when calculating your entitlement to other s and tax credits.

Guardian’s Allowance is not affected by the High Income Child Benefit charge. If you decide not to be paid Child Benefit, your Guardian’s Allowance can continue. See our Child Benefit information guide for more details on the High Income Child Benefit charge.


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