Young People and Benefits - Who is a young person?

If you are aged under 18, there may be extra rules to meet to get benefits

Who is a young person?

There are special rules about benefits for people aged under 18.

Most people under 18 can’t claim benefits but there are some exceptions. 

This guide is for people aged 16-18 who want to find out if they can get benefits. 

If you are under 16, you can’t claim any benefits apart from Child Benefit.

If someone is getting Child Benefit for you, you can’t get most benefits in your own right. If you are still in education up to A level standard, someone might carry on getting Child Benefit for you up to the age of 20.

If someone is claiming Child Benefit for you but you want to be able to make benefit claims in your own name, you should speak to an adviser about how this will affect your household’s income.

If you have spent time in care, special rules might apply to you. Read our guide on Care Leavers and Benefits to check.

Reviewed: April 2022


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