Grants Spotlight

Your grant-giving organisation can use our regular Grants Spotlight blog to raise awareness about who you can support and how.


What is the Grant Spotlight?

The Grants Spotlight is a series of blogs provided by charities or organisations who provide grants and are registered on the Turn2us Grants Search.

They talk about who they help, how to apply for a grant, and the type of grants that they offer.

They also provide real life examples of the impact one of their grants has had on somebody, and their experience applying for and receiving a grant.

What is a grant?

A grant is financial support given by charities and organisations (we call them grant-giving funds) to people in need.

Grants do not affect your benefits and they do not need to be paid back.

There are a wide variety of grants registered on our Grant Search, with many different grants given for different circumstances such as your employment history, age, the place you live or a specific situation.

Read the Grants Spotlight blogs to find out more about the wide variety of grants available on the Grant Search.

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