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Employer Supported Childcare (Childcare Vouchers) - What is Employer Supported Childcare?

Find out more about Employer Supported Childcare (Childcare Vouchers).

What is Employer Supported Childcare?

If you are working, you might get help with childcare costs through Employer Supported Childcare.  It is up to your employer to decide whether they want to offer Employer Supported Childcare or not.  There are three types of Employer Supported Childcare:

  • Workplace nurseries - where your employer has a nursery at your place of work;
  • Directly contracted childcare - where your employer arranges directly with a childcare provider to give you childcare;
  • Childcare vouchers - where your employer gives you vouchers that you can use to pay for your childcare.  You will either receive childcare vouchers in addition to your salary or you can choose to give up some of your salary to buy vouchers - this called salary sacrifice.  You can save tax and national insurance on the amount of the vouchers up to certain limits.

From early 2017, directly contracted childcare and childcare vouchers will be replaced by a new Tax Free Childcare scheme, see our Tax Free Childcare information page.  Workplace nurseries are not affected by the introduction of Tax Free Childcare. However, new claims for Employer Supported Childcare will be accepted up until October 2018.

Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Age rules: There are no specific age rules

Type of benefit: Non means tested

Taxable: No (as long as they are within certain limits)

Administered by: Your employer


Reviewed: June 2018

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