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Personal Independence Payment - PIP - How do I challenge a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) decision?

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is money for people who have extra care or mobility needs as a result of a disability.

How do I challenge a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) decision?

This page gives an overview of challenging a PIP decision.

For more about each stage, click on the sections below or see our Challenging a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) decision guide.  

Check decision

If you don’t understand the decision, you can ask the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to explain it. Contact them using the details on the decision letter. 

If you don’t know if the decision is right, you can check whether you qualify for PIP:

Ask for Mandatory Reconsideration

If you disagree with the DWP’s decision, you can ask them to look at it again and to change it. A Mandatory Reconsideration is when the DWP look at their decision again and decide whether to change it.

The best way to ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration is to write to the DWP at the address on your decision letter. You normally have one month from the date you got your decision letter to ask for Mandatory Reconsideration.

Get Mandatory Reconsideration Notice

Once the DWP has looked again at the decision, they will send you a Mandatory Reconsideration Notice. The Mandatory Reconsideration Notice will tell you if the decision has been changed or it stays the same.

Appeal to Tribunal

If you disagree with the Mandatory Reconsideration Notice, you can appeal to a Tribunal. The Tribunal is separate to the DWP. 

To appeal, you have to fill out an SSCS1 form and send it to the Tribunal (at the address in the form) with one copy of your Mandatory Reconsideration Notice. You normally only have one month from the date you get your Mandatory Reconsideration Notice to appeal. 

You can also submit your appeal online.

Updated November 2021

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