Energy schemes - Extra help for 2023/24

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, find out about the help you can get.

Last reviewed 23 October 2023

Extra help for 2023/24

There are a few cost of living schemes that are aimed at different groups:



Ill and disabled people

People on low incomes

People in Northern Ireland

People who use alternative fuels

People in park homes and care homes


The rest of the £400 energy discount was applied in January, February and March 2023.


There will be an extra £150 or £300 paid on top of their Winter Fuel Payments. This will be paid from November 2023.

Ill and Disabled people

An extra £150 was paid to people who get disability benefits between 20 June 2023 and 4 July 2023.

Low income households

£900 will be paid in three instalments to households getting certain benefits.  

  • First instalment of £301 was paid during Spring 2023.
  • Second instalment of £300 will be paid during Autumn 2023.
  • Third instalment of £299 will be paid by Spring 2024.

Read our guide Cost of Living support to find out about exact payment dates an eligibility criteria. 

Extra help

Councils have been given extra money to run discretionary funding schemes. This means councils have a lot of flexibility about how they decide to use the money.

If you’re struggling, you should ask your council for help.

People in Northern Ireland

All households in Northern Ireland received a lump sum of £600 from January 2023.

People who use alternative fuels

An extra £200 was paid by energy providers from February 2023.

People in park homes and care homes

People in England, Scotland and Wales who live in park homes and care homes, as well as people who pay their home energy bills to a commercial supplier, received £400.


How do these schemes work together?

Most of these schemes are cumulative, so a pensioner couple with disabilities might get the following during 2023/24:

  • £150 or £300 extra as well as their Winter Fuel Payment of £250 - £600, and 
  • £150 payment alongside their Attendance Allowance
  • £900 payment along with their Pension Credit

Are these payments taxable?

No, they are not taxable. 

Will these payments affect my other benefits?

No, getting these payments won't affect your other benefits. 

Do I need to apply for these schemes?

Most of these schemes are designed to pay people automatically so you won't need to apply. 

If you're struggling at any point, you can ask your council if they have a scheme that can help you. Different councils have set up different schemes, but councils have been provided with money to help people who are struggling. Find and contact your local council here.


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