Help from the local council if you are a carer - Who does it help?

As a carer, you have the right to have your own needs assessed by your local council. This could be as part of the assessment of the person you are caring for or in your own right.

Who does it help?

If you are caring for someone, help may be available to you from your local council department specifically to meet your needs as a carer.

All carers have the right to an assessment of their needs, although what sort of assessment, who does it and your associated rights to support depend on the type of carer you are.

Adult carers of adults aged over 18 years should have a Carer's Assessment carried out by the local council's department.  Young carers and carers of children aged under 18 might have their needs assessed by the local council's children's and family services department.

What is available may also depend on which part of the UK that you live in.


Reviewed: January 2023


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