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Attendance Allowance - What is Attendance Allowance?

Find out more about Attendance Allowance.

What is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is money for people aged 65 or over who have care needs. (need help with activities of daily living such as getting dressed, going to the toilet or having someone to look after them so they do not hurt themselves). 

It could include help outside the home. It does not matter if no one actually gives this help, as long as you can show you need it.

You can have any type of disability or illness, including sight or hearing impairments, or mental health issues such as dementia.

Attendance Allowance does not however cover mobility needs.

To claim Attendance Allowance you must have needed help with your care needs for at least 6 months. (If you’re terminally ill you can make a claim straight away.)

Attendance Allowance is  paid at 2 different rates £55.10 or £82.30 and how much you get depends on the level of care that you need because of your disability.

It is not means-tested so your income and savings are not taken into account when assessing if you qualify for the benefit.

Claiming Attendance Allowance won’t reduce any other income you receive. If you’re awarded it, you may become entitled to other benefits, such as Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, or an increase

Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Age rules: You must be 65 or over

If you are aged under 65, see our Personal Independence Payment information sheet.

Type of benefit: Non means tested

Taxable: No

Administered by: Disability and Carers Service.

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