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Edinburgh Trust Community Programme - The Scottish Government's Four Ps - Routes out of poverty

Please note: This is not a definitive or exhaustive list, just a flavour of what the 'Four Ps' might mean in the real world.


Increase income and/or reduce costs in the short term so poverty is not a long term experience.

Examples may include initiatives to:

  • Reduce costs of key essential goods and services

  • Raise income through employment, skills training and development

  • Provide benefits advice.


Improve life chances in the longer term through measures to provide the tools for people in poverty to increase their resources and reduce their costs in the future, to break the cycle of poverty.

Examples may include initiatives to:

  • Help people into work/better paid work

  • Offer work experience and development

  • Support child education and development

  • Support skill training and adult education

  • Support wellbeing and relationship building to ensure financial stability.


Provide preventive measures to reduce the risks of people experiencing poverty.

Examples may include initiatives to:

  • Support community saving schemes to build financial resilience

  • Provide access to low-cost credit

  • Offer money management/budgeting support

  • Information and advice services.


Create vibrant, strong communities to tackle poverty.

Examples may include initiatives to:

  • Share community resources, knowledge or expertise

  • Develop community hubs, where people can access help and support within an informal community setting

  • Reduce social isolation and improve wellbeing

  • Develop volunteering opportunities

  • Improve local housing and the physical environment.