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Organise a collection

Fundraising collections are a simple and easy way to support Turn2us. They are easy for people to participate actively in within their communities.

There are many different forms of collections you can organise. Some of the most common are:

  • Street collections - If you are holding a collection in the street, you will need to obtain a licence, either from your local authority, or if in greater London, the Metropolitan Police

  • Private collections - If your collection is still open to the public, but being held on private property such as within a shopping centre or rail station, you must obtain permission from the landowner or manager

  • Static collection boxes - Boxes must be secure and tamper proof. You do not need a licence to place these in a shop or business, just permission from the business owner

  • House-to-house collections - Licences must be obtained from the relevant local authority or Metropolitan Police


Collectors in public places (on the street or house-to-house) generally require permission from the local authority or, if within its district, from the Metropolitan Police. Some charities hold exemption certificates for public collections which means they do not need to obtain a licence for public collections. A list of exemption holders is available on the Cabinet Office website

Collection buckets

We can provide you with Turn2us collection buckets to assist with the collection. Please order your collection buckets by contacting us.


When collecting in public, you will generally need identity badges that contain details of your licence or exemption. Please contact us to order badges for your collection.  


Read the Turn2us Supporter Promise.

If you can support Turn2us in any way, contact our fundraising team.