Volunteering in 2019


2019 has been a year of huge growth in volunteering, with nine new volunteer roles being created and wonderful volunteers flooding in to each of them. The main theme, however, has been the incredible qualities of each of those volunteers – they have made 2019 an unprecedented success.

While the numbers tell the story of growth in volunteering, it’s the minute to minute work of these individuals that hammer home just how important Turn2us volunteers are. In her amazing article about her role as a Community Outreach volunteer, Gulshan mentioned that

The most joyful moments while working for Turn2us are when I feel a sense of calmness in people’s eyes that they have been heard and they can resolve the issues they are facing.

This goes to show that for all the new roles being made and the work that goes into it, the impact comes through moments like these and  the volunteers themselves.

In fact, we’ve had similarly wonderful articles by Community Champions, Digital Buddies, and office volunteers – all on roles that didn’t exist until this year, and all brilliantly done by the volunteers we’ve been so lucky to work with. 

Things have moved so quickly, you may be wondering what on earth all these roles are. If so, check out our volunteering section, where you can read more about all of these roles and if any of them sound interesting to you, you can apply there too – Merry volunteering everyone!