You can help make the season a happy time for children and families

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"Karen and her grandchildren"


I want to give the gift of warmth, food and comfort this winter

When children sink into poverty, the damage is immediate, but it doesn’t have to be lifelong. You can help. 

Karen's Story

When Karen’s marriage broke down, she and her daughters were left with no choice but to relocate for their safety, leaving them struggling to afford even the school run.

As Christmas approached, balancing the cost of energy bills, food and clothing without wanting the kids to miss out was simply impossible. Karen was dreading her children having miserable Christmas holidays while it felt like all their school friends would be enjoying themselves. 

After seeing an advert for Turn2us, Karen applied and was offered a grant, which provided breathing space throughout the colder months, and meant she could afford a little pushchair for her daughter to wheel her doll around in. Karen’s daughter still has that toy pushchair, and today it’s her children who play with it.

Now, so many years on, Karen's appalled at how it’s increasingly impossible for families to afford the basics, especially while the cost of living is still so high. 1 in every 5 parents in the UK feels in or close to financial crisis.

This winter, many more families like Karen’s will be struggling just to keep the heating on and put food on the table. By donating to Karen’s Appeal today, you could help more families find the support they need for the festive season through the free and secure Turn2us Grants Search tool.

Why Donate?

From February to May 2023, 1 in 20 UK adults ran out of food and were unable to pay for more. And we know that financial pressures only increase through the festive season and cold winter months.

Parents don’t want their children to feel left out over the festive season.

No one should have an atmosphere of worry hanging over them at what should be a happy time.

Your gift could give a family the chance to make precious memories with family and friends, have some funds for the long winter ahead without scrimping over the holiday season, and face 2024 with warmth, strength and hope. 

If you, like many others, are not currently in the position to donate, you can stay updated on ways to support Turn2us in future by signing up to receive our email communications


Millions of people face an impossible struggle to meet the costs of fuel, food and transport this winter. While the cost of living is still so impossibly high, it’s plunging more people, from children and young people to working and older adults, into financial crisis. Everyone deserves to have somewhere to turn, especially during the festive season.

Karen, Turn2us co-production partner