Winter Fuel Payment - How much Winter Fuel Payment will I get?

A Winter Fuel Payment is a one-off, tax-free payment made to households with someone over pension age.

Last reviewed 23 August 2023

How much Winter Fuel Payment will I get?

See the Winter Fuel Payment information on the government website for the rates available. These depend on your age and the age of your partner. 

How will I be paid a Winter Fuel Payment?

A Winter Fuel Payment will be paid directly into your bank or building society account or through the Payment Exception Service if you are unable to open or manage one of these or a similar account.

The money is normally paid from November and most payments are made by Christmas.

If the payment has not been paid into your account by 26 January 2024, contact the Winter Fuel Payment Centre.

Winter Fuel Payment and other benefits

A Winter Fuel Payment does not count as income when working out your entitlement to other benefits.


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