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Claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - When do PIP payments start?

A guide for claiming Personal Independence Payment, the different stages of the claim process and what to expect

When do PIP payments start?

Your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will start being paid after you receive your decision letter. Your decision letter tells you whether you qualify for PIP and how much you will get. Your PIP will be backdated to when you first made a PIP claim, so you are likely to get a lump sum back payment.

PIP is usually paid every four weeks.

Paid to you

PIP is paid directly into your bank, building society or Post Office account. If you don’t have an account, you can get your PIP through the Payment Exception Service.

Paid to someone else


If you qualify for the enhanced rate of the mobility component and you take part in the Motability scheme, some or all of your mobility component will go directly to Motability.

Depending on how much it costs to lease your vehicle, you may have to pay Motability extra on top of your mobility component or Motability may get some of your mobility component and you will get the rest.


If you are an appointee for someone claiming PIP, for example you claimed PIP on behalf of your disabled child, their PIP will be paid into your account.

As an appointee, you have responsibility for the claim. That means you make decisions about how the money is spent, which must be in the best interests of the person who the benefit is for.

Updated August 2021

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