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Energy schemes - Warm Home Discount Scheme

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, find out about the various schemes and grants that may be available to help towards the cost of energy.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Your electricity supplier may have signed up to the Warm Homes Discount Scheme which offers a one-off discount of £140 from your electricity bill.

Who qualifies for the Warm Home Discount?

In 2018-19, you can qualify for a warm home discount if on 8 July 2018:

  • Your supplier was part of the scheme, and

  • You or your partner's name was on the bill, and

  • You fit into either the:

    • Core group: If you are receiving the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit (even if you also get the Savings Credit) you should be automatically considered for the Warm Home Discount.

    • Broader group: The criteria for inclusion depends on the supplier but you may be eligible if you are in receipt of certain benefits; your annual income is below a certain amount and you are spending more than 10% of it on fuel; or you have a disability or illness.

How do I apply for the Warm Home Discount?

Core group

A letter will be sent to you by 7 December 2018 telling you how to get the discount if you apply and whether you need to call a helpline by 28 February 2019 to confirm your details.

Your electricity supplier will then apply the discount to your bill by the end of March 2019.

Broader group

Contact your electricity supplier to find out if you are eligible and how to apply. The number of discounts are limited, so check with them as soon as possible.

People who live in Park (mobile) homes

Contact Charis Grants for more information at:

Telephone: 03303 801 040 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm - apart from bank holidays).

Pre-pay or 'pay as you go' electricity meters

If you use a pre-pay or 'pay as you go' electricity meter, it may be paid to you through a top-up voucher but check with your supplier.

Can I get the Warm Home Discount off my gas bill?

If your supplier provides you with both gas and electricity, you may be able to get the discount on your gas bill instead of your electricity bill.  Contact your supplier for more information.

What happens if I change supplier before I get the Warm Home Discount?

If you apply for a Warm Home Discount but then change your supplier before this has been credited to your account, you will no longer be eligible to receive the discount from your original supplier. You will have to make an application to your new supplier.

Does the Warm Home Discount affect other benefits that help with energy costs

Getting the Warm Home Discount does not affect your eligibility for Cold Weather Payments or Winter Fuel Payments.

More information on the Warm Home Discount

See the Gov.UK website information on the Warm Home Discount Scheme. This includes a list of suppliers that have signed up to the initiative with links to their websites.

Update: September 2018

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