Universal Credit Migration Notice - What can I do to get ready for managed migration?

If you have received a Universal Credit Migration Notice letter, reading this guide will help in understanding your next steps.

Last reviewed 09 October 2023

What can I do to get ready for managed migration?

If you can, try to set aside a bit of money every week to get ready for the gap in payments when you move over.

Make sure HMRC/DWP knows your current contact details such as postal address and telephone number.

If your rent is usually paid direct to your landlord, think about whether you'll be able to manage paying the rent out of your Universal Credit payment, or whether you'll need to ask for Universal Credit to pay your landlord direct.

If you're used to being paid weekly or four weekly, look at your bills and direct debits and make sure you'll be able to manage them on a monthly payment instead.


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