Universal Credit Migration Notice - Why is it important to claim Universal Credit by the deadline?

If you have received a Universal Credit Migration Notice letter, reading this guide will help in understanding your next steps.

Last reviewed 09 October 2023

Why is it important to claim Universal Credit by the deadline?

If you don’t claim Universal Credit by the deadline:

  • Your s will end on the day before your deadline.
  • You could lose out getting a top up amount Transitional Protection on your Universal Credit (see next section for more information).
  • You could be left with no financial support for 5-6 weeks after the deadline (usual wait time for first Universal Credit payment).

If you claim before the deadline on your migration notice, some of the usual Universal Credit eligibility rules will not apply to you. These are:

  • Tax Credit claimants who migrate to Universal Credit under will have any money, savings, or investments over £16,000 disregarded for twelve months from the date of their Universal Credit claim. Any money, savings, or investments between £6,000 and £16,000 will still be treated as if it gives you a monthly income. Read more in our Universal Credit capital/savings guide.
  • Claimants who are in full-time (such as university) will be able to claim Universal Credit for the duration of their course. Read more in our Full-time students and Benefits guide. 


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