Universal Credit Migration Notice - When is the deadline?

If you have received a Universal Credit Migration Notice letter, reading this guide will help in understanding your next steps.

Last reviewed 09 October 2023

When is the deadline?

Your migration notice letter will specify a date by which a Universal Credit claim must be made. The usual deadline is three months from the date you received your migration letter.

If you cannot make your claim for Universal Credit by the date in the letter, you can ask the DWP for an extension. You can call the Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline on 0800 169 0328. You can only get an extension before your deadline.

If you miss your deadline, you can still get transitional protection if you claim Universal Credit within a month after the deadline. The end of that month is known as the ‘final deadline’.

If you make a claim after the final deadline, you can still claim Universal Credit, but you won’t be eligible for transitional protection.


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