Universal Credit Migration Notice - When should I claim Universal Credit?

If you have received a Universal Credit Migration Notice letter, reading this guide will help in understanding your next steps.

Last reviewed 09 October 2023

When should I claim Universal Credit?

This depends on your circumstances. For example, for some claimants it may be better claiming as soon as possible or just before the deadline.

You should get benefits advice before you start your claim.

A benefits adviser will be able to work out the best time for you to claim within your deadline considering things like:

  • 5-week wait for the first Universal Credit payment
  • avoid making your Universal Credit claim around normal pay day if you get paid monthly as this can sometimes result in two monthly wages being used when the DWP calculates one monthly Universal Credit award
  • paying for childcare
  • being self-employed
  • having a recent or imminent change in circumstances such as moving home or having a baby.

You can use our Find an Adviser tool to find a local advice organisation.


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