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Browse definitions of terms below which can help you navigate the welfare benefits system.


We try to make our benefits information easy to understand.

However, sometimes we need to use technical terms, because the welfare benefits system does. 

You can find a list of terms on the Jargon Buster Glossary on this page. Click on the terms to find out what they mean.

We have also added some more links below for other pages that has useful information about benefits and other financial help you can get.

Benefits A-Z

Use the A-Z if you know the benefit guide you are looking for.

Read benefits guides

Information for your Situation

Browse our list of overviews of what financial support you can get depending on your circumstances, for example, if you are disabled.

Information for your Situation

Check benefit entitlement

Find out what means-tested benefits you might be entitled to, including tax credits.

Use the Benefits Calculator